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Photo Series: My Family's Glass / Reflections on the Frailty of Life

Tracy Ellyn artist photographer

This photographic series is not of objects, but rather reflections that the objects created, the objects being some pieces I received from my family's glass collections.


Reflections are fascinating because they cannot be touched but can be perceived depending on the quality of light.

All families have issues, trauma, illness, death. Indeed, it is from our families that we learn the best about what we do and do not want to be in life. Therefore, glass is a perfect metaphor for families, and frailty its sub-metaphor when deciding who to become or not become, what to remember of those who have passed, and how to forgive. 

The artist does believe her parents would be happy that she used their glass collections to find the reflections of wisdom that came about. The images are universal. Let them speak for you.

Please ask for additional pieces in this series.

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