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Ophthalmology Series

Tracy Ellyn Epilepsy Art

The four pieces above were created from OCTs and other special retinal imaging from Bascom Palmer, which were then colored and painted into pieces of contemporary art,

Tracy Ellyn artist ophthalmology amsler grid wet macular degeneration

Amsler Grids: Buildings imitating the visual waves of Wet Macular Degeneration

Tracy Ellyn ophthalmology art artist miami oct imaging eye diseases avastin injections eye injections as above so below hermes wet amd macular degeneration
Tracy Ellyn artist ophthalmology bascom palmer tint loss wet amd scotoma macular degeneration color blindness

Tint Loss: With and Without Scotomas (partial details of large art pieces

Please ask for full images and complete series.

The Ophthalmology Series by Tracy Ellyn addresses some of the visual effects of debilitating eye diseases, for the purpose of bringing inspiration, awareness and early intervention to those either directly or indirectly affected by it. Thus far, the series has been published in England and the USA.

In the past, there was no hope for wet macular degeneration, which is different from the more common dry macular degeneration. In essence, you were told you will go blind. In the past few years only, this has changed.

The pieces in this series are not medical illustrations. Rather, they are fine art interpretations of visual experiences with these ophthalmology conditions.


For more information on wet macular degeneration and other eye conditions, you may read more at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, rated #1 Eye Hospital in the USA.




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