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Planets: A Journey to The Other Side

Tracy Ellyn Artist Planets
Tracy Ellyn Artist Planets
Tracy Ellyn Planets
Tracy Ellyn Artist Planets

Tracy Ellyn has taken her last two years of artwork in this series, and made it into her latest art video, taking the viewer on an exhilarating and creative journey to The Other Side.


Her signature artwork is handmade using multiple layers, and includes Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit... Read about them in the video credits.


The artist is honored to have shared this series and video with Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins, who responded positively, as he is also an artist. After this, he began showing his own artwork online. This was shortly before he passed on. It is hoped he enjoyed his journey to The Other Side. 


While the artist knows what her interpretation was, YOUR interpretation of the film is up to you. Enjoy the journey!

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