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tracy ellyn artist miami genesis series leaf series jerusalem israel
tracy ellyn leaves 1

Leaves are the carriers of the life force, both literally and metaphorically, the veins often fortuitously looking like our own blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue and neurons that endlessly support human needs.

A few years ago, while sitting Shiva for my son, I had a powerful dream I will never forget, in which he told me I should create a Leaf Series. Filled with vivid color and soul. He asked that I pay particular attention to the veins of a fallen leaf, the veins being the life force.

I had never thought of leaves as an art series before, and I could not imagine why my musician son gave me this message in the dream, of all things.

But let us dig further for a moment, whether the viewer or the artist is agnostic, atheist, spiritual or religious, on the question of whether one really dies or not. The Bible mentions the leaf of the olive tree as somehow surviving, after the flood destroyed all of life. The leaf became a symbol of enduring generations. Leaves will never wither, and a tree's fruit shall be for food, and their leaves shall be for healing.

And so, I hope my colorful fallen leaves offer a healing to all humans in grief, and I dedicated these leaves in a book about Israel to the families of the fallen soldiers and hostages, whose self-sacrifice lives forever in all those individuals and future generations that the soldiers saved.


May all humans know only peace and healing. 

Please ask to see additional pieces from this series.

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