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Refuah: The Art of Healing

tracy Ellyn Refuah Series_edited.jpg

Using metal or transparent plexi and lighting techniques, this Refuah series invites the viewer to sit for a while in contemplation, taking in various healing thoughts and traditions of both eastern and western languages and cultures. Like chapters in a book, these layers fuse together centuries of thought and vision with the modern realities of art, technology, and universal communication.

An example of the universality of the writings in the pieces: Night Blossom Refuah on bottom right says in Japanese, "Sky with stars, ground with flowers, and people with love." - Takayama Chogyu, 19th century Japanese poet.  It then includes universal healing prayers in both Hebrew and English.


The Refuah series (Refuah means healing in Hebrew) "Evening Tree MiSheberach" won an Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International's "The Healing Power of Art 2016," and is in permanent collections of South Miami Hospital, Sylvester Cancer Center, Greenspoon Marder Law, and in private collections.  


Tracy addresses one of the fastest growing trends in the arts: that of art for healing venues. The arts have demonstrated in research to reduce pain, stabilize vital signs, lower medication requirements, increase blood flow, create positive changes in the brain, shorten hospital stays, soothe body and soul, positively address diseases, increase joy, decrease stress, and so much more.


Please contact the artist for full translations and for additional pieces in the series.




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