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Judeo-Japanese: Arts and Letters

Tracy Ellyn Artist Judeo Japanese Series

The Judeo-Japanese: Arts and Letters series, as seen in zoomed-in details of three pieces above, holistically combines the artist's passion for various writings, philosophies, thoughts and words by many of our world's greatest thinkers, from ancient times, through Renaissance, to the modern and post-modern eras. Simultaneously, the artist visually layers art techniques from various eras, as well, including marbeling, sumi-e brush calligraphy, gold leafing, hand-made paper, drawing, painting, beading, and more.

Ancient symbols and writings from East and West include Japanese, Hebrew and English thoughts. One example is the bamboo (left), which has been known since ancient times to take 6 years to begin growing, yet grows up to 90 feet in just 60 days. It has thus become a symbol of patience, perseverance and faith. All of this is drawn and written about in the layers of the bamboo piece, in ancient Japanese and ancient Hebrew, as well as English, for universal impact.

The artist's background in fashion and textile design is evident in this series, which is in collections of private collectors across the United States. 

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